Extension Education Programs at Regional Research Stations

Regional Research Stations throughout the state have been established in all the agro-climatic zones of the state with the mandate to carry out research and extension education programs which are need based and location specific. These programs are designed to help the farmers/orchardists of the zone in tackling their problems on various aspects. These stations aim at transfer of technology to the farmers, orchardists, NGOs, and personnel of development departments on fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, flowers and medicinal & aromatic plants, beekeeping, forestry, agro-forestry and allied fields. 

Agro-climatic distribution of regional research stations:

Regional Station Altitude Range (m amsl) Agro-ecological zone

RHR&TS, Jachh, Kangra


Sub-Montane & Low Hills Sub Tropical (Zone-I)
RHR&TS, Bajaura, Hamirpur 450-650 Sub-Montane & Low Hills Sub Tropical (Zone-I)

RHR&TS, Bajaura, Kullu

651-1800 Mid-Hills Sub Humid (Zone-II)
RHR&TS, Mashobra, Shimla 1801-2700 High-Hills Temperate Wet (Zone-III)

RHR&TS, Sharbo, Kinnaur

2450-7000 High-Hills Temperate Dry (Zone-IV)

The extension education programs and activities are carried out in these regional stations by the Extension Specialists and other research scientists of the stations.