Dr. Y. S. Parmar University of Horticulture & Forestry

Kotkhai, District-Shimla, Himachal Pradesh


The Temperate Horticultural Research Station, Kotkhai was established in 1961 as “National Horitorium” to serve as a germplasm collection centre for various pome and stone fruits. Since then a total of 441 collections of various pome and stone fruits has been done up to 1975 which comprise 215 of apple, 56 of pear, 37 of apricot, 31 of almond, 37 of cherry, 5 of persimmon and one each of walnut and chestnut, however, at present the station has ample collection of apple and other temperate fruits including nut crops. The germplasm of different temperate fruits has been maintained and a number of varieties of different fruit crops have been recommended from this research station for commercial cultivation. Keeping in view the importance of quality planting material and ensure its availability to the orchardists, emphasis has been laid on the establishment of bud wood bank of improved cultivars of different temperate fruits viz., apple, pear and walnut. Chip budding technique has been standardized for improving the old seedling walnut plants by means of top working. Recently 8 imported cultivars of apple namely Gale Gala, Early Red One, Oregon Spur-II, Scarlet Spur –II, Red Gravenstein, Gibson Golden, Granny Smith and Coe Red Fuji and 4 varieties of walnut namely Lara, Meylannaise, Ronde de Montignac have been introduced at this research station. Clonal rootstocks of various temperate fruits like apple, pear, cherry and other stone fruits are being multiplied and made available to the orchardists of the area. A significant contribution has been made by this station in the control of various diseases and pests of temperate fruits like apple scab, pre mature leaf fall, alternaria leaf spot, wooly apple aphid, mites and borers etc.


  • Introduction, collection and evaluation of germplasm of temperate fruits.

  • To carry out research on various orchard management practices including canopy management and Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) in temperate fruits.

  • To conduct research on nursery raising techniques for production of quality planting material to meet the increasing demand of orchardists and propagation as well as multiplication of clonal rootstocks of pome and stone fruits.

  • Evolve disease and insect-pest management strategies for temperate fruits with special emphasis on apple.

  • To conduct research on bio-efficacy of new molecules and commonly used pesticides against the diseases and insect pests of different temperate fruit crops.


Area of Research

  • Fruit science and Plant Pathology