• The Department of Plant Pathology has its roots in the then section of Plant Pathology in the Department of Agriculture, Government of Himachal Pradesh which became a part of Himachal Pradesh Agricultural College, Solan in 1962.
  • In July 1970, the department became a part of Himachal Pradesh University, and later of Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya, Palampur in 1978. In December 1985 with the establishment of Dr. Y.S. Parmar University of Horticulture & Forestry, Solan, it became one of the departments of College of Horticulture of the university.
  • The department also has its laboratories at Regional Research Stations, Mashobra, Sharbo, Bajaura, Jachh, Dhaulakuan and Bhota to conduct need based research on regional problems concerning horticulture.
  • Since apple is the major cash crop of the state, plant pathological laboratories have also been set up in the heart of the apple belt at Kotkhai, Thanedhar, Sarahan and Bajaura for monitoring the scab disease and provide guidance to farmers on various diseases of temperate fruits. The Department has the credit of successful management of apple scab, the most devastating disease in apple therefore the laboratories at Thanedhar, Sarahan and Kotkhai have been closed.

Pink Canker in Apple

Button Mushroom




  • To impart education in the field of plant pathology at graduate and post graduate levels and to develop human resources for scientifically managing various disease problems.
  • To develop diagnosis and management practices for diseases of fruits, vegetables and ornamentals and to periodically review and refine existing recommendations by the new and cost effective alternatives.
    Production of disease- free planting material of vegetatively propagated crops.
  • Multilocational field testing of new fungicides including phytochemicals and optimized use of eco-friendly fungicides.
  • To develop non chemical management particularly cultural practices for the management of diseases of fruits, vegetables and ornamentals.
  • To evaluate efficacy of different biocontrol agents and biofungicides for management of various diseases.
    To promote research on mushrooms for enhancing their production and find new strains giving maximum yield and of medicinal value.
  • To develop integrated disease management strategies in fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, medicinal and aromatic plants including mushrooms.


Area of Specialization

  • Fruit Pathology
  • Vegetable Pathology
  • Pathology of Ornamental plants
  • Pathology of Medicinal and Aromatic plants
  • Plant Virology
  • Mushroom

The main thrust area of the department is concentrated broadly in Fruit Pathology, Vegetable Pathology, Bacteriology, Plant Virology, Pathology of Ornamental Crops and Mushroom Research. In fruit pathology, work is concentrated on important crops like apple, stone fruits, mango, citrus, strawberry etc. on epidemiology, etiology and disease management. Special focus is given on soil borne pathogens with incorporation of eco-friendly methods of disease management. Integrated postharvest disease management is also one of the focus areas. In vegetable pathology, main focus is on important crops like tomato, capsicum, peas, bean, ginger etc. Work is focused on etiology, epidemiology and disease management. In addition, technology for polyhouse cultivation of crops like capsicum and tomato is also targeted. Emphasis is also given on eco-friendly methods of disease management. In pathology of ornamental crops, work is focused on developing disease management practices in open and protected cultivation of gladiolus, carnation, rose, chrysanthemum, marigold etc. Research work on identification and management of important bacterial diseases in fruit and vegetables is also addressed. . Department is keeping a tab on emerging problems of viral diseases of fruit, vegetable and ornamental crops. Work on technology for diagnosis of viruses, phytoplasma is also undertaken besides developing virus free planting material in different crops. Mushroom research has also been main area of specialization of the department mainly concentrated on selection and breeding of high yielding strains of different commercial mushroom species. Emphasis is also given on developing modified and high yielding substrates for growing of different mushroom species including medicinal mushrooms. Production of quality spawn of different commercial mushroom species to meeting the demand of mushroom growers is also one of the priority areas.

Head of Department Contact Detail

Dr. H. R. Gautam
Professor & Head

Department of Plant Pathology
College of Horticulture
Dr Y S Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry,
Nauni Solan(HP) 173230 Himachal Pradesh INDIA

Contact: 01792-252140 (0) 94180-63751(M)
Fax.: 01792-252844, 252242
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