Capacity building of SHGs

  1. Four members of different SHGs of small scale forest enterprise of district Kangra of Himachal Pradesh were trained in St. Xavier’s Vocational Training Centre Bishramganj, Tripura West from January 16 to March 15th 2009. Training was imparted on value addition of bamboo products with the prime objective for capacity building of the SHG. The trainees could further act as Trainers in their respective areas for others interested SHGs. These artisans were trained to prepare different products of bamboo like sofa set, chair, table, dust bin, basket, chapati box, soap stand, pen stand and agarvati stand beside kitchen wares and other articles for household  and items for office decorations etc.

  2. In Dehra forest division many families were engaged in pattal and dona making profession. But, in order to organize these families initially user groups and then Self Help Groups were formed first in Chaplah village followed by second in Bhranta village of Dehra division. Ekta and Smanta SHGs, village Bhramta, PO Chaplah Tehsil Dehra, District Kangara (HP) are some of the successful example of SHGs who are well trained, self-sufficient and on an average sold approx. 2.50 lacs Pattal during 2008-09 and in spite of that are also getting supply order from the public in general which not only has strenghthened these SHGs but also improve the socio-economic status of the familes enegaged in Pattal making profession.