Regional Horticultural Research and Training Station, Sharbo, District Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh was established in 1958 as Grape and Raisin Research Station under the State Department of Agriculture. It was elevated to the status of Regional Horticultural Research & Training Station during the year 1985 after the creation of Dr Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni, Solan. This research station and KVK, Kinnaur of this University were restructured as Regional Horticultural Research & Training Station and KVK, Sharbo, District Kinnaur. This research station has one satellite research station viz. Vegetable Research Station Kalpa (established in 1959).

Regional Horticultural Research and Training Station & KVK, Sharbo is situated at 2,121.4 meters above mean sea level having 8.5 ha of land to caters the regular and extra needs of the farmers of dry temperate and cold desert zone (Zone-IV) of the state, in the field of horticulture and forestry. The area experiences wide seasonal temperature fluctuations, negligible rainfall, and heavy snowfall in winters and high intensity of UV and IR radiations together with high velocity winds. The soils of the region are shallow, sandy to sandy loam with low organic matter. Vegetable Research Station, Kalpa is situated at 2,743.2 meters above mean sea level having a land area of 2.0 ha. Germplasm of cabbage, carrot, beans, lettuce and peas are being maintained at the station, beside the production of cabbage, carrot, turnip and radish seed.

Regional Horticultural Research and Training Station, Sharbo



Statue of lord Budha at Reckong Peo

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor’s visit to RHRTS Sharbo

Grape bunch at RHRTS sharbo





The activities are emphasizing on conducting location specific productivity ameliorating research in dry temperate fruits, vegetable crops, apiculture, plant protection and agro-forestry, with a mandate of:

  • Collection, introduction and evaluation of promising varieties of dry temperate fruits, vegetable, agroforestry, and their multiplication etc.
  • Standardization of agro-techniques for plantation of horticultural and forestry crops
  • Standardization of technology for application of IPM in horticultural and forestry crops.
  • Dissemination of improved technology of apiculture, horticulture and forestry crops to the end users.


Associate Director Contact Details


Dr. Ashok Kumar
Assoicate Director (R&E) and Programme Coordinator

Regional Horticultural Research & Training Station and KVK, Sharbo
Kinnaur 172 107 (HP) India
Telefax :+91 1786 222231; 94181-17594 (M)


Location Map

Sharbo is situated in Reckong Peo, block Kalpa of district Kinnaur with an altitude of 2176m a.m.s.l. in dry temperate and mid hill zone of H.P, located nearer to District Head quarter and takes 20 mint walk to the Station.