Directorate of Extension Education- KVK Chamba- FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which crop will be suitable and economical to grow in our area?

Ans: The Scientists visit farmer’s fields on their request to recommend crops/fruits suitable to their respective areas.


Q. Who can attend training being organized by KVK?

Ans: Unemployed youth, school dropouts, rural women, members of Self Help Groups, practicing farmer’s and any other interested can attained trainings.


Q. Which types of trainings are organized in the KVK?

Ans: Different types of vocational trainings on fruits, vegetables, plant protection, water management, bee keeping, mushroom production, medicinal plants, vermicomposting, organic farming etc. are organized.


Q. How much cost KVK charge form farmers for attending training?

Ans: We do not charge fee from farmers for attending training on KVK premises.


Q. Do KVK scientists organize special training camps in rural areas on request?

Ans: Yes, specialized trainings on specific topics based on farmers request are also organized in rural areas.


Q. Do KVK have stay arrangement for farmers?

Ans: During training period the farmers are given free lodging and boarding facilities.


Q. We are facing a particular problem in our crop. Can KVK help us in identification/ diagnosis of the problem?

Ans: Yes, on receiving such complaints, the Scientist of the respective field visit the particular area for identification of the problem and to suggest its respective control measures.