Dr Y S Parmar University Solan


Executive Committee of Teacher Association (UHFTA)
Nauni, Solan (HP) 173230 INDIA

President: Dr. B S Dilta
Vice President: Dr. Anil Kumar Verma
Secretary: Dr. Prem Prakash
Treasurer: Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Joint Secretary: Dr. Neelam Kumari

Dr. Sunil Marpa
Councillors: Dr. DP Sharma

Dr. Uday Sharma

Dr. Devinder Mehta

Dr. Jai Pal Sharma

Dr. Dushyant Sharma

Doctor Yashwant Singh Parmar university of Horticulture and Forestry
Teachers Association (UHFTA), Solan 173 230




The name of the Association will be Doctor Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry Teachers Association (UHFTA), Solan (HP).


Head quarters:


The headquarter of the Association shall be at Nauni, Solan.



In this constitution unless the context otherwise requires Dr Y.S. Parmar University of Horticulture & Forestry Teachers Association means Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry Teachers Association (UHFTA), Nauni, Solan (HP).

University means Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, PO Nauni, Solan (HP).

Teacher means a person appointed under section 3.9 of the Himachal Pradesh University of Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry Act No. 4 of 1987, for the purpose of imparting instructions and/or conducting and guiding research and/or extension programme and may include any other person who may be declared to be a teacher by the statutes.

Executive Committee:


To safeguard and furtherance of the interests and rights of teachers in particular and of the University in general.




Any person who is a teacher of Dr. Y.S. Parmar University of Horticulture & Forestry is eligible to become member of this Association and membership shall be open to all such eligible persons working at the Campus/all research Stations/Extension Centres of the University.


Organizational Structure:


  i) General House shall consist of the members of the Association only.

ii) Executive Committee shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, two Joint Secretaries, Treasurer and five councilors out of which three will be from main campus and two shall be reserved for outstations. Provided that both the councilors of outstations will not be from the same station.

iii) The Executive Committee shall be elected from among the members having a standing of atleast two years.

iv) The functions and duties of the Association shall be carried out by the Executive Committee stationed at its Headquarter i.e. at Nauni-Solan.

v) The Executive Committee of UHFTA shall consist of:

a) President
b) Vice-President
c) Secretary
d) Joint Secretaries (2)
e) Treasurer
f) Councillors (3)
g) Two councilors from the outstations. They will also be responsible for coordinating the activities of the Association at the outstations of the University.

vi) The tenure of Executive Committee shall be of at least two years.

vii) The Secretary with the approval of President may co-opt any member of the Association on the Executive Committee for a specific period and purpose. However, the co-opted members shall not have the right to vote in the meeting of Executive Committee.
Functions of the Executive Committee:  

i) The Executive Committee shall carry out all duties and function of the Association.

ii) The quorum for its meeting shall be four members.

iii) The Executive Committee shall be responsible to the General House.


Duties of the Office Bearers:   i) The President shall:

a) Preside at all meetings of the General Body and Executive meeting of Association.

b) Have a casting vote in case of equal division of the House/ Executive Body.

c) Be the Principal Executive and administrative head of the Association that shall have all the necessary powers for the discharge of his duties as delegated to him by the General House and shall countersign all payment bills.

ii) The Vice-President shall:

Perform all duties of the President in the absence of the President.

iii) Secretary and Join Secretaries:

a) The Secretary shall be in charge of the office and records. He shall call meetings of General House/ Executive Committee in consultation with President and make necessary arrangement for all functions of the Association.

b) Joint Secretaries shall assist the Secretary and one of the Joint Secretary as nominated by the Executive will carry out the functions of the Secretary in the absence of the Secretary.

iv) Treasurer:

The Treasurer shall hold all assets of the Association on its behalf, make payments, maintain accounts of the Association, collection subscription and prepare budget and audit report. The Treasurer shall present budget report of the year in the Annual Executive Committee meetings. The Treasurer will also furnish up-to-date membership record at the time of each General House Meeting.
General House Meetings:   Atleast one General House Meeting shall be held every four months. The quorum for the meeting will be one fourth of total membership. Atleast six days notice shall be given to the members for the conduct of such a meeting except in emergent cases. A meeting of the General House can also be requisitioned if 1/8th of total members give requisition for such a meeting provided that the regular/scheduled meeting is not falling within next 15 days.
Removal of Members:   i) A member shall cease to be a member if he/she resigns or if he/she fails to pay the prescribed dues continuously for two years.

ii) The General House on the recommendation of the Executive body, on being satisfied that a members conduct is prejudicial to the promotion of the aim and objectives of the Association will have powers to remove such a member from the Association at any time by simple majority vote.
Readmission of Member:   If a teacher ceases to be a member of the Association on account of non-payment of dues, he/she will be readmitted only after clearing the pending dues or Rs.200/- whichever is less.

Those members who leave their membership of the Association of their own or expelled from the Association will be readmitted only after the approval of the General House. However, the clause Readmission of a member will also be applicable to them.
Amendment of Constitution:   The constitution shall be amended only in a meeting of General Body at Headquarter by majority of not less than two-third of the members of the total membership. The proposal for effecting change in constitutions shall be submitted to Executive Committee which will submit it to the General Body with its comments.
General:   i) The Executive Committee may decide to affiliate or seek affiliation with other Associations. The profit of Association will not be divided amongst the members but will be utilized for the welfare of the Association.

ii) Any subject not provided for in the constitution can be decided by Executive Committee under intimation to General House.

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