Department of Social Science Neri,Hamirpur (HP)

Dr Shilpa
Assistant Professor & Incharge

The Department offers teaching courses to the undergraduate (B.Sc. Honours in Forestry, Horticulture & Biotechnology) and postgraduate (M.Sc. Agriculture Economics) programmes of the university. The Master’s programme was started by the department in the year 2019 and the PhD programme was started in the year 2023.

General research agendas of the department are directed towards agricultural development scenario in the state and the country. Keeping this in view the research area which includes economic analysis of fruits, vegetables, flowers of different regions of Himachal Pradesh, as well as impact assessment of various social development programmes of the government.

More recently, the research issues related to environmental and natural resource economics including implications of climate change for the farm livelihoods as well as the economics of organic and natural farming as well as doubling farmers income have also been included in the research agenda of the department. Department scientists have published research papers and book chapters in leading national and international journals. Department in its journey of over five years was able to cultivate useful human resources for the country in the form of M.Sc. students.


  • Train manpower with specialization in the field of Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics through resident instructions at undergraduate and postgraduate degree level.
  • Conduct research in the area of Agricultural Production, Marketing, Finance and Natural Resources Economics and Policy.
  • To impart Trainings to the Growers and Extension personnel of Line department of Agriculture, horticulture and other such departments.


The Department offers degree programme
  • M.Sc (Agri Economics)

Academic Achievements

  • Ms. Kumari Sandeep have qualified ASRB NET examination during 2023-24.


Thrust Areas

  • To workout the impact and implementation of crop insurance schemes in subtropical fruit crops
  • To study the economics of farming systems in subtropical zone
  • To study the economics of production of subtropical horticultural crops
  • To workout the economics of environmental and natural resources
  • Agriculture performance of the Himachal Pradesh during last fifty years was worked out and the study revealed that compound annual growth rates of Net State Domestic Product in agriculture showed increasing trend over the years in the state. The coefficient of variation of Net State Domestic Product revealed that Himachal Pradesh recorded comparatively less variation compared to the country as a whole. The compound annual growth rates of different sub-sectors of agriculture in the state revealed that the performance of different crop sectors of agriculture in Himachal Pradesh was below the all India average with exception of fruits & vegetables and condiments & spices.
  • A study was performed on vegetable cultivation under polyhouse in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh revealed that vegetables cultivated under protected condition were highly remunerative to the farmers as compared to the vegetables grown under open field condition. Besides subsidized polyhouses were found economically feasible as compared to non-subsidized polyhouse cultivation.
  • A study on mushroom cultivation and Marketing in Low-Hills of the state revealed that mushroom cultivation was comparatively profitable than traditional crops to the farmers of this region.
  • Formulated questionnaire for Impact analysis of the technologies developed by the college and the same adopted by the farmers in the past five years.


The department has delivered lectures to Agri-entrepreneurs and farmers in various training programmes.


  • Dr Shilpa was awarded Gold Medal for highest score in masters in 2013.
  • Dr Shilpa was awarded Uma Dutt Mamgain Best Research Award in Masters in 2013 under the guidance of Dr Ravinder Sharma by SADHNA society.
  • Dr Shilpa was awarded Gold Medal and certificate of honour for standing first in masters in 2013-14 in Dr YS Parmar UHF Nauni by Himotkarsh Sahitya Sanskriti avam Jankalyan Parishad Una (HP).
  • Dr Shilpa got DST INSPIRE Fellowship during Ph.D.
  • Dr Shilpa received best poster award for the poster entitled “Organic farming: An Economically Sustainable Approach in Agriculture” during first zonal convention of Agrivision 2022 on Natural farming: a national priority for health and ecological restoration on 05-06 April, 2022 as a co-author.
  • Dr Chaman Lal got Indian Council of Agriculture Research Fellowship in M.Sc. (JRF) and Senior Research Fellowship of ICAR in Ph.D.


  • Classrooms - 01
  • Laboratories - 01
  • Computers equipped with statistical softwares such as SPSS-26, STATA, E-Views, R etc. - 04