Dean, Students' Welfare Nauni,Solan (HP)

The University has a Health Centre which caters round the clock emergency services to the students, staff and their wards. Two Medical Officers, one Chief Pharmacy officer, one Pharmacy Officer, one Female Health Worker, one Lab Technician and two Drivers are always in stand-by from the services of a patient round the clock.

The University Health Centre has been equipped with latest instruments viz. Centrifuge Machine, Incubator, Microscope, Biochemistry Analyzer, Glucometer, Pipette, Hbmeter, Needle Cutter B.P Operators, Nebulizer, Oxygen concentrator, Oxygen Cylinder, Thermal scanner, Oxymeter, Stadiometer, Heightmeter, Weighing Machine. All are being used to diagnose the patient then and there.

Numerous facilities are also available in the University Health Centre such as Dispersing of Medicines, Dressing, Injectioning, Stitching etc. Medical Lab tests such as Hb, ESR, Blood Grouping, Blood Sugar, LFT, RFT, Lipid Profile, HBa1c, Widal, calcium and Urine M/E are also done in the Health Centre. Equipment for diagnosing thyroid and ECG are being procured.