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The Satyanand Stokes Library is a modern and well-established institution named after Mr. Satyanand Stokes. Originally from the U.S., Mr. Stokes became an Indian national and played a pivotal role in the apple revolution in Himachal Pradesh. The library serves the academic community of the University, effectively managing information needs. Computerization was initiated in April 1989, enabling the application of modern technology to handle the increasing volume of information. The entire collection, comprising over 78,000 documents, is computerized and accessible through OPAC.

Housed in a beautiful modular building, the library offers an excellent study environment. With a plinth area of 3975 sq. mts. and a reading space of 665.60 sq. mts., it provides seating for more than 400 users in common reading area and dedicated cubicles for research scholars. As an open access library, it offers various services including a Book Bank, Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery Services, and Reprographic services. Additionally, the library has acquired essential databases in horticulture, forestry, and related disciplines.

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The journey of a thousand books begins with a single page. It is our pleasure to welcome you to a realm where imagination knows no bounds and the pursuit of wisdom is a never-ending endeavour. In this digital age where information flows abundantly, we recognize that you have countless avenues to explore. However, we firmly believe that within the walls of our library, a treasure trove of wisdom and discovery awaits. As custodians of knowledge, we strive to curate an unparalleled collection that caters to diverse interests and spans countless genres.In our commitment to staying current with the times, we have embraced technology to enhance your reading experience. Our digital library boasts an extensive collection of e-books, audio books and online resources, ensuring that access to knowledge is not constrained by physical boundaries. You can now embark on literary adventures from the comfort of your own device, opening up a world of possibilities at your fingertips. Thank you for choosing our library as your sanctuary of wisdom. We eagerly await your visit, your inquiries, and your unwavering enthusiasm. Together, let us uncover the endless marvels that lie within the pages of our beloved books.
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