College of Horticulture and Forestry,Neri Neri,Hamirpur,(HP)

Infrastructural Facilities

The main campus of the college is spread over an area of about 29.76 hectares consisting of 14 ha at village Neri (Neri-I), 10.44 ha at Khaggal (Neri-II) and 5.32 ha at RHFRS, Bhota which cater to the needs of students’ experiments, practical and teachers'-cum-scientists' research experimental trials. 

The College of Horticulture and Forestry building comprises seven blocks, two, three or five storey structures. These blocks have 40 rooms, 27 laboratories, 24 class rooms/lecture halls.

Class rooms

There are 12 classrooms/lecture halls in the main block of the college which are used for undergraduate teaching. In addition all the departments have separate Post graduate classrooms for teaching and conducting seminars. The classrooms are well furnished and have been provided with modern teaching gadgets like LCD projectors, Glass beaded screens, white boards for conducting theory classes, seminars and thesis colloquium.

In addition, there is a committee room, attached with the office of the dean which is used for conducting meetings and interactions with visitors and guests, faculty members in connection with various academic and student related matters. The committee room is also equipped with modern AV aids for making scientific presentations by faculty members or outside experts.


 Most of the departments of the college have separate UG and PG laboratories for practical and research. In addition, there is one language lab, one ICT lab and one virtual classroom as a common facility for students and faculty members.

Student Hostels

The College of Horticulture and Forestry is a residential college and all the students are required to stay in the hostels. There are three hostels, two for boys and one for girls.