Department of Fruit Science Nauni,Solan (HP)

Dr JK Chauhan
Professor & Head

The department of Fruit Science has its origin in the erstwhile Department of Horticulture in the Himachal Agricultural College and Research Institute. In 1976, the department was named as Department of Pomology and Fruit Technology when a separate department of Vegetable Crops and Floriculture were carved out of it. After the establishment of Dr Y S Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, the Department of Pomology and Fruit Technology was re-organized and separate departments of Fruit Breeding & Genetic Resources and Post Harvest Technology were carved out and the parent department was named as the Department of Fruit Culture and Orchard Management later on re-named as Department of Pomology. As per ICAR nomenclature it has been named now as Department of Fruit Science.

Recently the department has been strengthened with the merger of department of Fruit Breeding and Genetic Resources into it. Ever since its establishment, the Department has provided inspiring leadership in the overall development of horticultural technologies that led Himachal Pradesh to acquire the status of ‘Apple State’ of India. This department is actively engaged in the teaching, research and extension education activities on various aspects related to orchard planning, management and production of fruit crops in the State.

Department has published more than 450 research papers in leading national and international journals, 24 books, 45 book chapters, 17 technical bulletins, and over 1225 popular articles for technology dissemination to farmers and entrepreneurs in last 20 years. Department since its inception has been able to generate useful human resources for the country in the form of 324 M.Sc. and 132 Ph.D. students.


  • Genetic Improvement, Germplasm conservation and evaluation of Temperate Fruit Crops
  • Development of propagation and nursery management modules for multiplication of elite planting material of temperate fruit crops
  • Standardization of High Density Planting Systems, Orchard Management Practices for different temperate fruit crops and their diversification


  • Experimental Farm Area of 42.75 hectares
  • Gene bank/ Bud-wood bank of Apple, Pear, Peach, Nectarine, Apricot, Plum, Walnut, Kiwifruit, Persimmon, Strawberry, Pomegranate and Pecan nut
  • Sale of nursery plants of all temperate fruit crops within and outside states
  • Well equipped laboratories of Molecular Breeding, Fruit Tree Nutrition, Orchard Management and Growth Regulation


The department offers degree programmes for:

  • M.Sc. (Horticulture) Fruit Science
  • Ph.D. Fruit Science
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  • Mr. Shivendu Pratap Singh Solanki qualified ICAR- Senior Research Fellowship Examination and got second position.
  • Ms. Ashwani N qualified ICAR- Senior Research Fellowship Examination.
  • Mr. Debashish Hota qualified ICAR- Senior Research Fellowship Examination.
  • Ms Sandhya Thakur Ph D student participated in UAE Alpine Slalom Championship (FIS races) w.e.f 02.11.2022 to 09.11.2022 in Dubai organized by UAE Winter Sport Federation and won Gold Medal.
  • 8 M.Sc students and 14 Ph. D students qualified NET examination during 2021-22.

View of High Density Plantation of apple in the Department of Fruit Science


Thrust Areas

  • Genetic improvement, conservation, characterization and evaluation of temperate fruit crops
  • Mass multiplication of nursery plants and clonal rootstocks of temperate fruit crops.
  • High density planting systems, Canopy architecture, Crop regulation, Integrated nutrient and water management
  • Development of production modules in fruit crops under natural farming
  • Fruit crop diversification
  • Himachal Pradesh Horticulture Development Project (Fruit Science) funded by World Bank, through Dept. of Horticulture, Govt. of HP (₹ 1050.95 lakh; 2019 to 2024).
  • Preparation of People’s Biodiversity Register (PBPR) at Panchayat, Block and district level in district Sirmaur, H.P funded by HP State Biodiversity Board ( ₹ 46.80 lakh; 2017 to 2024).
  • Evaluation of potassium nutrition in combination with ICL unique K grades in low- & high-density apple orchards funded by ICL Management &Trading India, Gurugram, Haryana ( ₹ 27.81 lakh; 2022 to 2025).
  • Creation of gene bank of temperate fruit crops and nursery production funded by World bank (₹ 254.10 lakhs; 2020 to 2024).
  • Enhancing nutrient use efficiency, qualitative and quantitative traits of apple with POLY4 customized fertilization funded by Sirius Minerals Pvt. Ltd., London, UK (₹ 31.50 lakhs from 2020 to 2023).
  • Sale of 3, 10,195 number of nursery plants of various temperate fruits out of which 2, 29,334 plants were of apple during last five years
  • Nineteen bud sports of apple were identified from existing orchards of district Kullu, Shimla and Lahaul & Spiti for fruit colour, maturity time, their variability was validated at molecular level and conserved in the Departmental Gene Bank. The four elite bud sport mutants were awarded accession number by NBPGR, New Delhi and the planting material of the same has been deposited in the National Active Germplasm Site, NBPGR, Phagli, Shimla (HP) for its utilization in crop improvement
  • Standardization of epicotyl grafting for mass propagation of walnut
  • Standardization of Package of Practices for High Density Plantation of apple on clonal rootstocks under different agro-climatic zones of Himachal Pradesh
  • Varieties in High Density Planting System were evaluated under HP-HDP World Bank funded Project. In respect of productivity and fruit quality, Jeromine (40-45 MT/ha), Red Cap Valtod (40-42 MT/ha), Scarlet Spur-II (38-40 MT/ha) and Redlum Gala (36-38 MT/ha) performed better at Nauni after five years of plantation.
  • Evaluation of planting densities was undertaken. Plant spacing of 2.5 m × 1.0 and 2.5 m × 1.5 m with a density of 4000 and 2666 trees/ha was found better in respect of fruit size, physico-chemical characteristics and quality with highest productivity (40-42 MT/ha) after five years of plantation.
  • Evaluation of different training systems was done. Among the different training system, the Tall Spindle training system performed well in respect of fruit quality and yield in comparison to other two training systems.
  • Creation of Gene bank/bud wood bank of temperate fruits and nursery production
  • 1212 plants of different varieties of apple, pear, peach, plum, apricot, cherry and walnut were established during 2020-22 in the farms of Department under HP-HDP World Project
  • 69554 clonal rootstocks of apple and cherry were planted in mother rootstock bank during 2020-21 for mass multiplication and to meet out the demand of farmers.
  • Rejuvenation of declined apricot, peach and plum orchards.
  • Solar fencing of entire experimental farm area to combat the menace of wild animals


  • To disseminate the technical knowhow of fruit crops cultivation through different communication means for better adoption of technologies among the farmers
  • Kisan Mela-cum-Apple Day was organized on 28 July 2021, in the Experimental Farm of Department of Fruit Science, in which more than 200 farmers from Shimla, Solan and Sirmaur districts along with Departmental Officials (SMSs, HDOs and HEOs) and local farmers and students of UHF attended this event.
  • Conducted seven days training programme on Skill development on Propagation and Nursery Management of Temperate Fruit Crops
  • Conducted three days Training Programme on Summer Pruning and Other Summer Cultural Activities
  • Organized seven days Skill Development Master’s Training Programme on Propagation and Nursery Management of Temperate Fruit Crops
  • Organized seven days Skill Development Master’s Training Programme on Canopy Management of Temperate Fruit Crops

  • Master’s Training on Canopy Management in the Department of Fruit Science

    Ms Sandhya Thakur Ph D student participated in UAE Alpine Slalom Championship (FIS races) w.e.f 02.11.2022 to 09.11.2022 in Dubai organized by UAE Winter Sports


    • Dr NC Sharma got Avishkar Achievers Award-2022 as National best Scientific Researcher of the year awarded by Avishkar Foundation Solapur.
    • Dr NC Sharma received Best Thesis and Innovative Research Award - 2020 in the field of horticulture for the research entitled “Effect of conjoint bio-organic and inorganic nutrient sources on plant growth, leaf nutrient content and soil properties of Peach (Prunus persica)” by Association of Plant Science Researchers, Plantica Foundation, Dehradun, Uttarakhand.
    • Dr NC Sharma received Best poster award in Horticulture during 1st International Conference on “Bio-Resource and Stress Management held at Kolkata w.e.f. 6-9 February, 2013
    • Dr NC Sharma received Best poster award by Horticultural Society of India during 4th Indian Horticultural Congress-2010 held at New Delhi w.e.f. 18-21 November, 2010.
    • Dr NC Sharma received Umadutt Mamgain 2nd best Research Award for Ph.D. thesis by Society for Advancement of Human and Nature (SADHNA), UHF, Nauni at Solan.
    • Dr CL Sharma received Best paper award in 2022 in 11th National Seed congress-2022 on “ Recent Advances in Research on Quality Seeds for Self-Sufficiency in Oilseeds and Pulses”held at Rajmata Vijayraje Sciendia Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya Gwalior-474 002, Madhya Pradesh.
    • Dr CL Sharma secured 2nd position in poster presentation during 2022 in 3 days International Conference on “ Advances in Agricultural, Vetenary and Allied Sciences for Improving Livelihood and Environmental Security” held at Gandhi Bhawan, University of Kashmir (India).
    • Dr Pramod Kumar achieved Outstanding Young PGPR Research Award, Asian PGPR Society, USA.
    • Dr Pramod Kumar is an Elected Fellow of IAHS, New Delhi.
    • Dr Pramod Kumar is an Elected Fellow of National Academy of Biological Sciences, Chennai.
    • Dr Pramod Kumar received Eminent Scientist Award conferred by NESA, New Delhi.
    • Dr Pramod Kumar received Excellence in Service award by the Hon’ble Minister of State for Forest, Transport and Youth and Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of DYSPUHF, Solan (Nauni), HP
    • Dr Pramod Kumar received Best Researcher Award conferred by IACRD, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
    • Dr Pramod Kumar received Certificate of Appreciation for Lead Speaker by Society for Integrated Development of Agriculture, Veterinary & Ecological Sciences, SKUAST-Jammu
    • Dr Pramod Kumar received Best Research Paper Award by the Indian Ecological Society, Ludhiana, and Punjab.
    • Dr Pramod Kumar received Certificate of Appreciation awarded by UCOST (Dehradun), UK
    • Dr Pramod Verma awarded young scientist award by VDGOOD Professional Association in the 11th International Scientist Awards on Engineering Science and Medicine, held on 17 & 18 October 2020 at Kolkata, India.
    • Dr Pramod Verma received “Certificate of Excellence in Reviewing” by Journal of Experimental Agriculture International on 21/09/2021.


    • Well equipped Molecular Laboratory
    • Department has Advanced Laboratories equipped with latest versions of equipments:
    • ICP for estimation of macro, micro and heavy metals
    • Infra Red Gas Analyser (IRGA) for estimation of physiological parameters
    • Canopy Analyser
    • Root Scanner
    • Leaf Area Meter
    • Spectrophotometer
    • Soil moisture meter