College of Horticulture and Forestry Thunag, Mandi(HP)

Academic Achievements

  • Miss Mahima Lohia Student of B.Sc. (Hons) Horticulture participated in 3rd Youth National Games 2020 and won Gold in 400-meter race held on 18-20 January, 2020 at CT Group of Institutions Shahpur, Jalandhar, Punjab.
  • Miss Ritul Bhardwaj bagged first prize in the “Insect Photography Competition 2023” organised by UHF Entomology Club, Department of Entomology, Dr YS Parmar UHF, Nauni, Solan on January, 2023.

Miss Ritul Bhardwaj Bagged First Prize in Insect Photography Competetion

Awareness cum sensitization of students regarding drug abuse

Academic Evaluation

Undergraduate Students

The evaluation of student’s achievement in a course is based on performance in i) written tests, ii) practical, and iii) special assignments. The relative weightage given to various tests are determined by the instructor in consultation with the Dean of the College. At present, external evaluation is confined to theory examinations. Two written tests are essential for evaluation of a course, namely mid-term examination (internal) and end-term examination (external). The guidelines of the IV Deans’ Committee of the ICAR have been adopted.

  • A. Mid-term Examination: In each course, a written test lasting for at least one hour is given during the tenth or eleventh week of the semester as per the academic calendar. Under the external system of evaluation, the mid-term examination is conducted by the Dean as a common examination.
  • B. End-term Examination: The End-of-term examination is conducted towards the end of the semester in each course that lasts for at least two hours and covers the entire syllabus of the course. The examination is conducted by the Dean as a combined examination for all the degree programmes of the college as per the academic calendar. The paper setting and evaluation of end-of-term examination is done by the external examiner.


Transfer of technology to farmers and other extension workers through on- and off-campus trainings, demonstrations, workshops, kisan melas, awareness programmes, refresher courses, field visits, etc.


  • A total of 164 extension activities comprising of on campus trainings (14), off campus trainings (39), skill development trainings (09), sponsored trainings (07), farmer scientist interactions (15), field visits (40), field demonstration (14), diagnostics visits (20) and TV/radio talks (06) have been conducted in the last two years.
  • Kisan Melaon natural farming was organised in which more than 300 farmers participated.
  • Chaupal Charcha including students and scientist has been organized for DD Kisan and telecasted on June 06, 2022.

Farmers practicing natural farming in Seraj valley