Comptroller Office Nauni,Solan (HP)

DS Chauhan

The Comptroller is a whole time Officer of the University. He manages finance and investment of the University and advice in regard to its financial matters. He is responsible for the preparation and presentation of budget and ensure that the expenditure, not authorized in the budget, is not incurred in the University. He is responsible to prepare the Accounts of the University and get them audited. He is also the Member Secretary of the Finance Committee. He has to ensure that all the income and fees due to the University are collected and deposited in the Bank Account timely. There are five Branches assisting the Comptroller for performing various nature of functions for financial management of the University. These are
(i) Budget Branch
(ii) Accounts Branch
(iii) Establishment Branch
(iv) Inspection Branch
(v) Pension Branch.
Besides this, the Comptroller is the Controlling Officer of the Store Purchase Organization.

Budget Branch deals with the following:

  • Dealing with the revision of pay scales of teaching and non-teaching staff and related correspondence with State Govt. & other Deptts./Pay anomaly cases.
  • Adoption of State Govt. instructions from time to time applicable in the University.
  • Court cases relating to pay scales in some cases.
  • Convening the meeting of FC and the correspondence of the same with State Govt., other departments and its members.
  • Inviting Excess & Surrender proposals from the departments and its compilation.
  • Submission of Budget Estimates and Revised Estimates to the State Govt.
  • Additional Allocation of funds as the request of the various Departments.
  • Preparation of Budget based on the sanction of Govt.
  • All the correspondence regarding RTI of the Office of Comptrollerrelated to Budget.
  • Dealing with Other Agency Scheme i.e. Central Govt.KVKs/ICAR/AICRP/AINP/DBT/DST.
  • Dealing with Inclusion of schemes in the Univ. budget, submission of Provisional AUCs alongwith 1st half demand, Audited Utilization Certificate, 2nd half demand, Maintenance of Grant Register.
  • Dealing routine cases of ICAR and Other Agency schemes i.e. cases of re-appropriation, revised allocation, addl. allocation, upgradation of post etc.

Accounts Branch deals with following:-

  • Deals with the reconcilation of accounts and preparing & finalization of Annual Accounts/Maintaining Bank wise monthly accounts of the University.
  • Management of funds.
  • Deals with the issue of Cheques (Project/Schemes-wise) all the deparment/Outstations/KVKs.
  • Deals with daily Cash Transactions, maintain the Cash Book and file monthly CGST/SGST return.
  • Payment of the salary of all staff of the University and other payments through cheque/RTGS/NEFTs.
  • Compile Income Statement and make necessary entries in the concerned Ledgers.
  • Maintain the record of GPF/CPF/EWF/RTF of the University's employees.
  • Deals with Establisment of employees of Comptroller Office.
  • Corresponding related to RTI act, 2005.
  • Deals with all type of Contingent Bills/Adjusment/Sanction and Audit Paras pertaining to accounts section.

Pension Branch

  • Dealing with the pension/ family pension cases of the retirees / deceased employee/ pensioners.
  • Pension Payment Order has been issued to the retiree / family pensioner after vetting the same from the Deputy Controller(Audit) & obtaing the approval/ sanction from the competent authority.
  • The payment of the Gratuity is released to the retiree / family pensioner after preauditing the bill from the State Audit Department.
  • Maintain Pension Check Registers about 1150 pensioners/ family pensioner.
  • Prepare the pension bills every month to all the pensioners (Teachers, Non Teachers & family pensioners).
  • Preparation of revision of pay scale arrears of all the pensioners (Teachers, Non Teachers & family pensioners)
  • Deducting the Income Tax from the pension bills every month after proper calculation of tax in individual cases.
  • Issue Form-16 to all the pensioners (Teachers, Non Teachers & family pensioners).
  • Dealing with the preparation/ preauditing of Medical bills of all the pensioners (Teachers, Non Teachers & family pensioners)
  • Dealing with the correspondence regarding Right to Information Act of the Pension related cases.
  • Issuing the Pensioners Identity Cards to the retired pensioners of the University.
  • Maintaing the Pension Corpus Fund and Gratuity Corpus Fund & compilation work of the same. Preparing the Annual Account of Pension Corpus Fund every year.
  • Vetting the cases of Pension & Gratuity Contributions received from the different different department in respect of employee working under their control on secondment basis.
  • Dealing with court cases of the pensioners/ family pensioners.

Payroll Branch

  • Centrally preparation of salary bills of 1100 Teaching and Non-Teaching employees of the university including outsation on the basis of changes in their pay and status.
  • To get the bills and its schedules pre-audited from the state audit department on the basis of supporting documents and submit the bills for further issuance of cheques to the Accounts Branch and also do the email to the respective branch.
  • To deduct an average income tax of the officials/officers on the basis of direct taxes.
  • Issuance of form-16 on the basis of TDS at the end of the every financial year.
  • Preparation of all types of arrears occure due to Dearness Allowance, Revision of Pay Scale, Promotion and Fixation of Employees.
  • Maitain the Income Tax Account by submitting quarterly TDS Statement through NSDL and deposit the amount of Income Tax deducted from the salary bills in government account every month.
  • Verification of salary in respect of those employees, who are seeking personal and HBA loans from bank(s)
  • To prepare ECRs of employees on the basis of deparments/KVKs.
  • Disbursing information sought under RTI Act of 2005.
  • Dealing leave encashment cases of retired university employees.

Internal Inspection

This branch deals with all types of Contingent Bills, TA Bills, Medical Bills, Remuneration Bills, Salary Bills, Arrear Bills etc. of all the staff (Non-Teaching & Teaching) working under this University, Also do the Audit/check the above mention Bills of the University Campus & All outstations/ KVKs staff and process these bills after screening Audit to the AR (Pension) for further payments. Instead of above mention work, also pass the bills of retirees-employees of this university to pass the Pension Bills, Arrear Bills, and their Medical Bills.

Central store

The Store Purchase Organization is maintaining the stores of those items which are required by various Departments/Offices in day to day use. The Organization is dealing with all the purchase cases of centralized as well as non-centralized items as per rules provided under the Store Purchase Procedure. The purchase cases of the items required by the Departments/Offices which are not available with the Organization are also dealt with. The major activities of the Store Purchase Organization are to conclude Annual Rate Contracts, Maintenance Contracts, replenishment of Central Stores and to place all types of cases before the Central Purchase Committee constituted by the Vice-Chancellor in the month of April every year.


Madan Kumar

Deputy Comptroller

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HS Rawat

Assistant Registrar

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Sanjeev Dutt

Section Officer

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Ashwani Kumar

Section Officer

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NC Saini

Section Officer

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