Institutional Development Plan Nauni,Solan (HP)

The Institutional Development Plan (IDP) is funded by ICAR under National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP).The institutional development plan is the process by which the management develops a vision for the universities. The institution development plan enables the institution to look into the future. This plan leads to the development in very planned and strategic way. Under Institutional Development Plan (IDP), the performance and quality enhancement of institution, students and faculty is on the utmost priority. In this pursuit of achieving the sustainable goal of quality education, Dr YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry successfully bagged the prestigious Institutional Development Plan(IDP)-project from the World Bank funded project , National Agriculture Higher Education ( NAHEP) ,ICAR .

Project Title

Quality Education in Horticulture and Forestry to Generate Human Resource with Entrepreneurial Skills


Imparting inclusive and equitable quality education in the field of horticulture and forestry aimed at promoting skill and learning opportunities.


To generate talented scientific human resource through improved learning environment to achieve the 4th sustainable development goal of quality education in Himalayan Region.


Quality education is needed for improved skill development in horticulture, forestry crop production with highest levels of honesty and integrity. Ethics and values in the work place need to be protected and maintained for improved performance. Similarly, the issue of gender and social equity should be integrated into all domains of educational framework. Hence, efforts are needed to tune teaching methodologies not only to look after the present needs, but also to cater future demands in quality educational opportunities.


The issue of gender and social equality will specially be considered in all the conceived objectives which are as follows:

  • Enhancing quality and relevance of education by improving learning resources at undergraduate levels for human resource development and faculty competence.
  • Skill enhancement of students through study programmes with international collaborations
  • Inclusive and equitable quality education for the students through faculty development programmes.
  • Sustainability of quality education and system effectiveness through strengthening of University Alumni network and industry interface.


The successful execution of the project will lead to the development of competent human resource in the field of horticulture, forestry and allied sciences. This will also contribute to institutional capacity building for addressing the farming issues of the Himalayan region. Specifically following will be the expected outputs and deliverables:
  • Quality human resource with greater employability potential and leadership qualities
  • Skill imparting units – agribusiness centre
  • Professionally trained students with the spirit of establishing agri entrepreneurships
  • Competent and motivated faculty for imparting quality teaching
  • Gender and social equity in university working
  • Enhanced number of placement/employment ready students in agro and allied industries
  • Quality research publications in reputed (h-Index) journals

Team Leader

Dr Rajeshwar Singh Chandel

VC cum IDP Leader

Dr. KK Raina