Dean, Students' Welfare Nauni,Solan (HP)

The Students' Welfare Organization of the University attends to the residential requirements, sports, cultural/co-curricular activities, NCC/NSS and medical care of the students. The university has seventeen hostels (seven for boys and ten for girls). Each hostel has a common room equipped with color TV and facilities for indoor games and badminton court. Important newspapers and magazines are subscribed for general reading of the students in the hostels. The university has a large playground and gymnasium, with the facilities of different games and sports. The students are encouraged to participate in state and inter-university competitions. To make life comfortable for the students, common use facilities such as cafeteria, shopping centre, banks, post-office and transportation are available in the campus. NCC, NSS, physical education, sports and games are compulsory activities for all undergraduate students.

This organization has one Students Centre in which different types of academic, religious and social activities are undertaken by the students of the university on various occasions. In this Centre, there is a Cafeteria in which university students as well as staff get the refreshments on payment basis. The University has a Health Centre which provides medical facilities including ambulance services to all the students and residents round the clock.


  • Understand the needs and requirements of students from diverse backgrounds
  • To coordinate different activities of sports, literary, cultural, moral education and provide an ideal platform for students to participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Dr KK Raina
Students' Welfare

From Dean desk

The success of any academic institution depends upon the holistic and comprehensive development of the students. The Students' Welfare Organisation of the University strives for providing a congenial platform to the students for their overall development by encouraging them to participate in cultural, sports and festive events. This enhances their skills and talents which in turn helps them to build up the core values of integrity, compassion and respect for others. Further, to promote this, the Students Welfare Organization provides facilities for physical and cultural events throughout the year by facilitating them in indoor and outdoor games. The cultural clubs encourage them to polish their artistic skills by participation in various youth festivals. Hence, the overall approach of the Students Welfare Organization is to maintain harmony and discipline amongst the students thereby providing a clean, friendly and cooperative atmosphere in the University.