Institutional Development Plan Nauni,Solan (HP)

Forthcoming Events

  1. 1. International Exposure to Students which constitutes nearly 25.00  per cent of the remaining  budget
International outlook amongst UG students will be developed    through the following activities:
  • Two groups will immediately go for training as Administrative approval is received from NAHEP for two  groups of 10 students each- Australia and Malaysia
  • Proposals for Five students groups ( 10 to 15 in number ) will be sent to NAHEP for approval during April to June, 2023 (Contacts in Newzealand, Germany, Philippine, Australia, Nepal and Thailand are made). Other country contacts will also be explored
  • Additional 120 UG students will be the beneficiaries ;   Out of 120 nearly 100 will be girl students

  1. 2. Faculty Overseas Visits which constitutes nearly 30.00 per cent of the remaining budget
Faculty up gradation for quality enhancement of teaching will be carried out in the following directions
  • Five Proposals for faculty ( Each of 5-6  eligible faculty members) will be sent to NAHEP for approval
  • Nearly 80 faculty members of accreditated colleges will be the beneficiaries and will have to get mentorship from developed nations in international labs/ institutes

  1. 3. National Exposure Visits of Students  which constitutes nearly 5.00 per cent of the remaining budget
There will be skill up gradation and capacity building of students through the following actions  (8 visits ( 50 to     55 students in each group)  to the  Industrial hubs, Start ups, Successful Farm sites, Agri incubators,    Entrepreneurship units , IITs, IIMs etc will be organised from April to March 2023
  • 450 students ( 350 girls) will be the  beneficiaries
  • Short visits & Seminars / Meeting &Workshops/ Vocational certificate courses / International certificate courses for UG students which constitutes nearly 10.00  per cent of the remaining budget \Five vocational courses will be conducted
  • Two International certificate courses will be conducted and nearly 50 faculty members will be the beneficiaries
  • Three workshops will be conducted from April to September, 2023
  • Three events of students attachment with agro based entrepreneurs for inculcating entrepreneurial skills amongst 150 students for start ups and to emerge as entrepreneurs
  • Eleven training sessions ( 7-8 days) on Green technologies, Climate Change, Remote Sensing, Machine Learning , Artificial Intelligence , Financial Literacy, Business Management, Social Skills , Robotics, Drone technology, Natural Farming

  1. 4. Soft skill development in UG students/Remedial classes for UG Students/Alumni Networking
  • Five certificate courses on Soft Skills and personality development  will be conducted
  • Alumni meet (2) will be organised
  • Five different sessions (of 10-15 expert lectures) on remedial  classes will be organised
  • 100 remedial classes will be organised  for weaker students ( English , Statistics , Economics , Business Management and other technical subjects)
  • Three events on stress management , anxiety management and peaceful mind through spiritual awakening and mediation
  • Two learning events on learning English language ( 8-10 days each)
  • Two events on Foreign language ( 8-10 days each)
  • 300 expert lectures of individual experts under faculty engagement / individual expert programmes (All activities will be conducted in a time frame model basis)