Dean, Students' WelfareNauni Solan 173 230 INDIA


The campus is in the beautiful lap of Mother Nature where scenic beauty changes within short distances Boys and Girls hostels are situated on two hillocks separated by the main college buildings At present there are 17 hostels , the details of which is given below:

Boys Hostels

Sr.No Name of Hostel Total Capacity Name of the Warden
1 Vishnu Hostel 80 Dr RK Dogra
2 Keshav Hostel 59 Dr Rakesh Sharma
3 Madhav Hostel 102 Dr Hukum Chand
4 Neelkanth Hostel 43 Dr Rahul Dhiman
5 Natraj Hostel 98 Dr Prem Prakash
6 Shambhu Hostel 118 Dr Subhash Sharma
7 Kedar International Boys Hostel 36 Dr Chandresh Guleria

Girls Hostels

Sr.No Name of Hostel Total Capacity Name of the Warden
1 Saraswati Hostel 108 Dr Geeta Verma
2 Geetanjali Hostel 80 Dr Ashu Chandel
3 Vasundhra Hostel 60 Dr Vipin Sharma
4 Nandani Hostel 101 Dr Meena Thakur
5 Mangla Hostel 48 Dr Anita Kumari
6 Gauri Hostel 45 Dr Nivedita Sharma
7 Vaishnavi Hostel 54 Dr Sunita Chandel
8 Kadambari Hostel 43 Dr Parul Sharma
9 Kalyani Hostel 139 Dr Smriti
10 Gayatri International Girls Hostel 46 Dr Aanchal Chauhan

Allotment of Hostel and usual charges in the Main Campus

There is limited hostel facility available in the main Campus at Nauni and therefore, the allotment of hostel is made strictly on the basis of merit and availability of seats For availing the hostel facility, the enrolled students have to fill a specific application form available in the office of the Students’ Welfare Officer After the allotment of room in the hostel, the student shall have to deposit the hostel fees and receipt of the fees is required to be deposited in the Office of the Students’ Welfare Officer